TOP 5: Enduro Stages of Finale Ligure!

TOP 5: Enduro Stages of Finale Ligure!

In 6 years, FinalEnduro has always taken place on a different race track, which highlights the huge variety of trails that Finale Ligure can offer to all riders. In these 6 editions, athletes have put themselves to the test in as many as 16 Special Stages scattered throughout Finale Ligure's backcountry, each one of them requiring different riding skills.

Here's our TOP 5!!!

Where the pros are riding

I PRO scelgono Finale Ligure

Have you been riding on Finale Ligure's trails recently?

If you have, then you must have met some of the most famous and awarded champions "strolling" on Finale's trails in order to make tests, shoot videos or simply train themselves...

Why do they choose Finale Ligure?

Where can I take some wonderful pictures?

Dove posso fare una foto indimenticabile?

When people ask us which is the best itinerary they can follow to take beautiful pictures, we often recommend an itinerary with a view of the sea.

Maybe it's because the pictures that made Finale Ligure so popular on magazines from all around the world show that beautiful contrast between the trails and the blue sea!

Given its geographical and environmental characteristics, some people consider Finale Ligure an Alpine locality that is touched by the sea. That's why we think the sea is the key element that makes Finale stand out from other MTB destinations.

Finale Ligure's 24 Hours - A worldwide success!

24 ore di Finale Ligure - Un successo Mondiale!

Finale Ligure's 24 Hours 2014 has been sold out just a few weeks after the opening of entries! The first 24H in Italy is the only 24H competition that keeps growing year after year!
Indeed, it is considered one of the most presigious 24 hours in the world: after the WEMBO World Cup held in 2012, Finale Ligure will host the European SOLO 24H MTB Championship, which is going to give worldwide exposure to this year's competition.

Finale Ligure Overview Map