Naughty weather has characterized the TEAM race: during the first 8 hours it has been beautiful, with sunshine and summer-like temperatures, but then in the following hours the conditions have worsened until an early conclusion of the race 3 hours before the official end.

While the SOLO race had been kissed by nice weather and lovely temperatures even during the night, the TEAM racers had to deal with a sudden change of weather conditions right during the coolest hours.
4 seasons in 24 hours. After the first few hours of hot summer weather, the light rain, late in the evening, had been welcome by the riders: it was enough to make the dust settle, keep lower the temperature and give that extra thrill to the riding. But at around 9:30 in the morning it was winter again, the rain was getting heavier and heavier and several sections of the race course had become too slippery and, for that reason, too dangerous.

For safety reasons, then, 3 hours before the official end, the race officials met and decided to stop all riders on course, making them go back to the paddock area.
The lap count at 12.00 pm, after 21 hours of race, validated for the final ranking, is still able to tell us a lot about those who have been the real players in the game. Almost 3000 riders, racers and amateurs, during two days kept swapping on the racecourse loop, adding up kilometre over kilometre. Finally, the MTB SANTA MARINELLA team, with 8 riders, has been able to complete the highest number of laps, nothing less than 34, which means almost 400 km of riding. They win the Overall of the Team8 race and the Overall as a club. The Team12 race goes to the ANDROMIA SKI TEAM, with 32 laps; while the Team4 race podium is topped by the Swiss team PROMOTION-TOOLS with 31 laps.

Worth mentioning the Cycle-Touristic format and all its participants, more than 1500 enthusiasts, the true beating heart of the event, especially here in Finale Ligure, where having a good time is as important as taking part in a great race. A lot of side activities took place in the Event Village, supported by the event sponsors FIAT, BUFF, FERRINO and NRC that made a great job in entertaining public and riders. Massive presence of ladies this year: more and more of them really fancied experiencing the great 24H of Finale circus as protagonists: a few teams were entirely made up by women, many others were mixed teams.

The increasing number of applications for entering the 24H of Final we receive from Italian and foreign riders is the result of the great promotion work that we do in support of Finale and its region also through these events. The greatest satisfaction we bring home is that given by the grin of the riders who took part in the 24H” says Riccardo Negro, the president of Blu Bike, the association that organizes the event.
Plenty of smiling faces and a lot of fun, passion, fairness or fair play, joy, enthusiasm and ability to fly with the mountain-bike; the full set of superpowers that our SuperHeroes have pulled out here, making the 18th edition of 24H of Finale, once more, a win.

Lorenzo Carlini, the traditional organizer of the 24H, declares “The 24H of Finale turns eighteen this year: it is an adult now. We can say for sure that during all these years we have seen it all, and we have grown enough to take a decision like the one we took today, when the safety of the racers has to be considered a priority. I am happy to speak for the whole organizing staff and say that we are pumped and ready to face the new adventure of the 2017 edition of the WEMBO World Championships”

The 24H of Finale staff is already at work for the next edition, that will get even more shine thanks to the concurrence of the WEMBO 24H World Championships for SOLO and TEAM2 racers. A very important recognition that will strengthen even more, if possible, the competitive side of the event.
Without losing the tale-flavoured side of it, as the theme of the 19th edition has already been established: Bike in Wonderland, inspired by the tale 'Alice in Wonderland'.

See you again in 2017! Let the White Rabbit guide you into the wonderful world of the 24H of Finale!

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