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In this article, we will try to give you a better understanding of Finale Ligure's territory by providing you some useful information about our Mountain Bike race tracks location and their degree of difficulty.

This article is dedicated to those who come to Finale Ligure for the first time and need an overview of the possibilities that this beautiful place has to offer.
First of all, we will give you some information about the most interesting areas and advise you about the gps tracks, which are sorted by category.
Bear in mind that you can always use the map or the list of Gps tracks on the upper menu as a reference.
Below you can find the download links for two maps, one for the trails and another one showing the different areas of Finale Ligure and its backcountry.

An overview of the areas

Finale Ligure has a dense network of trails, which covers a vast territory expanding from the mountains to the sea. The Mtb lovers who come to Finale Ligure for the first time may then find themselves confused by the huge quantity of trails and their differences in terms of difficulty.

Download the PDF Trails Map | Download the PDF Map of the Areas| You can find the paper version of these maps in all our Bike Hotels


Finale Ligure Mtb - Pdf Map

Download the Pdf map and discover the amazing trail net of Finale Ligure. This map is created thanks to the Bike Hotels of Finale Ligure, so don't forget about us if you need an accomodation, find hotels or B&B right here. Need an Mtb Guide?




"Ciappi" is a charming area which lies above Finale Ligure's town center and is characterized by a dense wood of high Mediterranean maquis, dirt roads and rocky trails.
You can reach the beginning of the trails from the residential area of San Bernardino.  The Ciappi tour (All Mountain - 23 km - 500 mt) is one of the most traditional Mtb tracks in Finale.
In the Ciappi area you will also find the Superenduro EWS Stage called Dolmen, a fast track interrupted by some technical sections. It is highly appreciated by Enduro and Freeride bikers.



Manie is a plateaux located above the small town of Varigotti, where the vegetation and the microclimate are unique.
In its highest part, you will find evocative landscapes dominated by a dark green Mediterrnean maquis, which creates a beautiful contrast to the blue sea.
It's definitely the first place you should visit if you're coming to Finale Ligure for the first time.
The Finale Ligure's 24H race track also starts from there, so why don't you try it out?
The downhill trails that will lead you back to the seaside are the "DH Women", the "DH Men" (for experienced riders only) and the "Briga", which will take you straight to Finale Ligure.


Pian Merlino and Pian Marino

This area lies between the Nato base district and Pian Marino. Some of its Freeride downhill trails were a part of the Superenduro race track, so they can be ridden with an enduro bike as well.

You can reach the area by descending from the Nato base trails. From there, you can continue on the Pian Marino track that leads back to Finale. A beautiful path will have you riding through ancient stone walls and houses up until the charming village of Finalborgo.

Nato Base

This area is named after the abandoned Nato base that stands on the top of the mountain. It is one of the favourite destinations for bikers who use a shuttle service as it's easy to reach and it is the starting point of many well-kept Freeride trails.
The H trail starts just below the Nato base and it takes its name from the big H that is painted on the ground as a signal for landing helicopters. Also starting from this area are the "Nato base" and the "Crestino" trails (the latter leading to the "Stragroppo" trail).

Melogno - Din and Madonna della Guardia

finale ligure madonna della guardia

The Melogno area is characterized by an Apennine climate and vegeation that will make you forget being close to the sea.
A thick wood surrounds the beautiful trails that come down from these mountains. One of the most popular is the "Din", from which you can take the "Madonna della Guardia" trail that leads back to Calice Ligure and then to Finalborgo.

Gps tracks sorted by category

All Mountain - Enduro in Finale Ligure

If you think mountain biking means pedaling all day and having fun on exciting downhill trails, you will definitely love the Enduro and All Mountain tracks.
The downhill sections of these tracks are often the same as the Freeride tracks, but in this case you'll have to ride your way to the top. You will certainly ride less downhill sections than you would by using a shuttle service, but you will be able to enjoy some exciting loop tracks that are great fun even in their uphill portions.

Cross Country in Finale Ligure

If you love the Cross Country and you have a short travel, front suspended or full suspended bike, you can put yourself to the test on the best flow tracks in Finale Ligure. The trail network in the Manie plateaux, where the popular 24H competition is held, is a good example of how beautiful and charming this place can be.

Freeride with Shuttle service in Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure has a wide network of Freeride trails that could also be ridden with an enduro bike. But if you're up for a lot of downhill fun, the best thing you can do is grab a Freeride bike, a full face helmet and hire a shuttle service! This will allow you to ride a lot of downhills in just one day!

If you need further information or advice about the tracks, you can either get in touch with us or ask the manager of your Bike Hotel.

The best map of Finale's trails

copertina-mappa-sentieri-finale LigureIt has been dubbed the best map of Finale's trails! It is a foldable, paper map that you will find in every Bike Hotel in Finale Ligure.
Rich in details and easy to consult, it features 8 itinerary sheets that you will also find in our GPS tracks archive. Have fun!

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